Different types of weird food

By / May 7, 2017

Do you like carnivals? Who doesn’t? what’s more delighting is the new crazy food that you are greeted with! None the less, the food trucks are spot on. So let’s have a look at the worlds most weird food flavors that you wouldn’t have thought about!

  • Ice Cream waffle with fried chicken

Salty bites of fried chicken, sweetness of maple syrup and a slight crunch from the crispy waffles. For even more added sweetness, top each scoop with a drizzle of fresh maple syrup. Sweet, salty and crunchy, what else could you want in an ice cream? Well, just the real ice cream? And not the fusion of 2 cuisines  ?!

  • Fried Spider – Cambodia

Available throughout Cambodia, these spiders have been deep fried in garlic oil until crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside. They are often sold to travelers passing through town and looking for a quick snack. Besides being full of protein, rumor has it that they are even said to increase the beauty of the consumer.

  • Porbiotic Live Bacteria Cultures In Food

Probiotics have become popular lately as a food supplements but do people know what they really are. They may actually surprise you probiotics are types of bacteria cultures taken from different foods such as milk and transferred to supplement for. Amazing that we would be eating bacteria, but they are very good and health for you!

  • Fried cow Brain sandwich?

Largely a dish of the past, these used to be popular in the Central United States until mad cow disease became a concern. Although people still eat them, serving brain from a cow that is over 30 months old at slaughter is no longer legal in the United States.

  • Duck Embryo’s a street food

Eggs are a common food throughout the world but not in this way at Philippines, they take it one step further by taking a developing duck embryo and then boiling it alive while still in the shell. Typically it is served with a little seasoning of chili, garlic and vinegar, all the contents of the egg are consumed including the visible wings and beak. A common street food, it’s often chased down with a cold beer – just crack, slurp and bite. Ugh!

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